• Alexander Wagner

Batman/Bruce Wayne Redux

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Back in December of 2018 I had finished a term project that is my Bruce Wayne face rig. It was my first attempt at facial rigging. This was just in time for my graduation, and portfolio show. Almost Immediately after my graduation I started thinking about updating this project from the ground up. I decided to find a specific Bruce Wayne concept and work from that concept for a clearer final product. There are countless Batman and Bruce Wayne designs available on the internet. That character design, for this project, had to be Bruce Wayne from Arkham Knight.

The planned process:

- Start sculpting the face in ZBrush.

- Model the Batsuit in Maya. - PolyPaint base skin in Zbrush.

- Finish textures in Substance Painter.

- Learn how to competently use Maya's XGen plugin for hair simulation. - Develop face rig using FACS.

- Animate the character in Maya.

- Render using RenderMan plugin for Maya.

I will be posting each step of the process and discussing the outcome of each step. I will most likely be enlisting the help of my peers for critique and direction. I'm excited to share my passion project going forward.


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